Jaffa Medical Complex is a leading medical center in Amman, Jordan which offers medical services in various specializations.

Since its inception in 2004, Jaffa Medical Complex has 22 clinics operated by qualified doctors and specialists at its convenient North Abdoun central location, the latest medical hub of the city. Therefore, making it an ideal location for both doctors and patients.

Moreover, Jaffa Medical Complex offers over 24 different specializations, covering most of your healthcare needs.

Jaffa Medical Complex was founded by Adly M. Derhally, a Palestinian entrepreneur who came from a business and medical-focused background. Adly brought over 60 years of regional and international experience in the fields of healthcare, medical equipment, and pharmaceuticals in New York, Kuwait, Jordan, and the wider Middle East.

As the name might hint, Adly was born in Jaffa, Palestine. Though he left Palestine at the age of 12 in 1948, he never forgot his birthplace Jaffa, known for its port and oranges. By founding Jaffa Medical Complex, he enjoyed combining his two passions: healthcare and celebrating Jaffa’s history.

In his final years, Adly also published the book Jaffa Forever, commemorating the history of the port city. It was reviewed by the renowned anti-Zionist Israeli historian and author Ilan Pappe in Mondoweiss.

In memory of Adly M. Derhally

1936 – 2018